Adult Day Services

Habilitation Center

The Filling Homes Habilitation Center is an Adult Day Services site located on the north end of the base facility next to the Chapel.

In the Hab Center, Filling Homes’ residents are assisted in learning skills through direct experience. Meaningful goals are set through each person’s Individual Habilitation Plan, and Hab Center staff strive to help individuals achieve these goals as independently as possible.

The Hab Center consists of 8 dedicated environments.

  • The Recreation and Leisure Room provides clients with opportunities to develop and maintain social relationships and family contacts.
  • The Sensory Area is actually made up of two defined spaces and facilitates sensory activities that are not provided in the residential setting.
  • The Sensory Room is a gathering place where 5-6 clients and 2 staff participate in sensory stimulation activities as well as alternate positioning if needed. This is also where our clients who do not dine orally gather for socialization during our regular dining period.
  • The second room of the sensory area is the Sensorium. The Sensorium is a defined multi-sensory environment (MSE) equipped with a variety of audio, visual, and tactile devices that offer clients self-determined sensory experiences for the purpose of stress-relief and relaxation.
  • The Family Room is where Hab Center clients are encouraged to express themselves creatively through activities such as painting and crafting.
  • The Green House is an attached accessible indoor garden area for clients interested in year-round gardening activities such as weeding and watering. In warmer months, these activities take place in the Filling Homes’ outdoor vegetable gardens.
  • The Pre-vocational Area is divided into the Suds Room where laundry skills are learned and the Recycling Room for community volunteer activities. Clients may choose to participate in recycling, paper shredding or coupon clipping for overseas service members.
  • Lastly, the Hab Kitchen, where meals are made and served to Filling Homes’ employees three days per week, offers opportunities for clients to learn basic cooking and baking skills.

Trinity Place

Trinity Place is a program center for adults with developmental disabilities located in the former facilities of Trinity Episcopal Church in Bryan, Ohio. The activities at Trinity Place embody the Filling Home Habilitation Center's mission to support individuals with developmental disabilities to reach their greatest level of independence in a caring community of respect, dignity and partnership.

Trinity Place clients are offered individualized opportunities to:

  • Plan and prepare meals
  • Play games, do crafts and puzzles
  • Discuss current events
  • Participate in Bible studies
  • Receive individually prescribed physical activity
  • Take part in exercise and dance classes
  • Enjoy walking and bike riding
  • Discover creative self-expression through Soaring Arts Activities
  • Complete recycling and paper shredding
  • Produce and sell dog treats
  • Participate in gardening
  • Visit the Hab Center in Napoleon, Ohio to participate in swimming, adapted sports, and other group activities.

Filling Homes Community Center

Filling Homes opened the doors of a new facility and a new opportunity for our Adult Day Service clients...the Filling Homes Community Center!

This building was a generous gift to our ministry from the Society for the Handicapped! Located at 470 Independence Dr., this building is remembered by many as the old roller skating rink. It is a beautiful structure in excellent condition with a whole host of possibilities for the people that we serve!

Also holding offices in the FHCC are the UAW Local 86 and the Society for the Handicapped. Additionally, the Henry County Humane Society will continue having Bingo and the community of walkers will continue to have the doors opened bright and early for their daily routines! This truly is a “community” center!

We are tremendously thankful for this gift and the relationships it has formed, not only for what it means for Filling Homes, but also for what it means for our Henry County community and the wider population of people with disabilities who will be served by it!

Soaring Arts Studio

Soaring Arts Studio is the haven of creative expression for the Filling Home Habilitation Center. Adults with developmental disabilities are free to explore color and design through staff-facilitated experiences that encourage the process, but never dictate the outcome. The result is beautiful and unique painted canvases that serve as the foundation for a host of items produced right here in the Hab Center. Clients' original artwork designs are reproduced on these canvases and appliqued to the items creating one-of-a-kind, functional works of art!

Offerings include tote bags, drawstring bags, dog collars and leashes, child and adult aprons, drink coasters, bookmarks and jewelry. Recently added to the menu are painted birdhouses and feeders made from gourds. The gourds are prepared by clients and allowed to dry until they are transformed in later workshops.

Soaring Arts Studio began in February 2009 when Filling Homes Habilitation Center participated in an "Artist in Residence" program through the Ohio Arts Council. Artist Patty Mitchell came to the Filling Home and spent two weeks with us teaching us the technique of painting on fabric and how to facilitate the process for our artists. Patty provided us with a bright pallet of colors and showed us what joy can come from creating beautiful artwork together. The experience was magical for all who were involved! When the residency was over, the group decided that we wanted to continue painting and creating together...the rest is history!

All items are available for purchase through our store, located at 119 West Washington Street, Napoleon, and online at Proceeds from the sale of these items go toward supporting our art program.

Store Hours: Mondays 9 AM - 7 PM ; Tuesday thru Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

If you would like to help the Soaring Arts Stuido you can donate any of these items listed below.

Soaring Arts Studio Craft Items:

  • Black Sharpee Markers (Fine Point)
  • Small Artist Paintbrushes (Thick handles are helpful, especially the fan style)
  • Paintbrush Cleaner (Such as Krud Kutter)
  • Drawing Paper
  • Cardstock Paper (White or Bright Colored)
  • Drawing Pencils
  • Markers

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