Art and Opportunity at Soaring Arts Studio

Soaring Arts Studio was requested by the Defiance County Board of Developmental Disabilities to attend the January meeting of their self-advocacy group at Good Samaritan School to share about the Studio and lend their expertise to instruct on a particular art form and guide the participants in a project that represents it. Four artists, Jessica Clapp, Theresa Peper, Marissa Cortez and Tina Rader along with program director, Janet Obee, and Studio community arts coordinator, Tonya Wagner, were happy to oblige!

The wildly popular Alcohol Ink project was selected to share, but before they dug into the ink, each of the four artists took a few moments to share with the group what it means to them to be an artist.

Jessica, who has been involved with Voices of Hope Henry County’s advocacy group, encouraged the others by telling them “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”

After that, they explained the ink project process, which involves placing droplets of a special product called alcohol ink on a plain, white, ceramic tile, the four artists took turns demonstrating different techniques for making designs with the liquid. Then rubbing alcohol is sprayed over the ink and burned off to create the special effects associated with alcohol ink.

“The Soaring Arts artists were very empowered as artists by this opportunity to share what they have learned and what they love to do with others.” shared Janet Obee. “It was a great idea to collaborate in this way, and we hope the Defiance group will feel inspired to explore their own creativity.”